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PowerCLI – Migrating from VMFS-5 to VMFS-6

PowerCLI – Migrating from VMFS-5 to VMFS-6 Posted on 04/05/2019


I wrote this script for automating migration from VMFS volume of your infrastructure.

Please make sure have a backup of all of your virtual machines to prevent any issus.
You must do a CSV file as this example :


This script can make a CSV file automaticaly as well, but It’ll add all VMFS in version 5. All of VMFS datastore are showing before Update.
For more information about migration from VMFS 5 to VMFS 6, please following this link : SDK Update-VmfsDatastore


  • Temporary datastore must be in VMFS version 5
  • You must have a CSV or you can generate one by this script


$vCenterServer = "MyvCenter"
Connect-VIServer $vCenterServer
$GetDatastoreName = @()
$PathFile = @()

$CurentPath = [System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName($MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)
$Date = date | select *
$Day = $Date.Day
$Month = $Date.Month
$Hour = $Date.Hour
$Minute = $Date.Minute

function Resume ($Path) {
$ImportCSV = Import-Csv -Path $Path -Delimiter ","
if (!$ImportCSV.Name) {
Write-Host "This file doesn't contain any columns Name" -ForegroundColor red
elseif ($ImportCSV.Name) {
foreach ($line in $ImportCSV) {
$GetDatastoreName += @($line.Name)
New-Variable -Scope script -Name AllDatastoreName -Value $GetDatastoreName
Get-Datastore -Name $GetDatastoreName | select Name,FileSystemVersion,Type | Format-Table

function upgradeVMFS ($TemporaryDatastore) {
foreach ($Datastore in $AllDatastoreName) {
if ($Datastore -eq $DatastoreTemp) {
Write-Host "Temporary Datastore ($Datastore) is excluded" -ForegroundColor Red
elseif ($Datastore -ne $DatastoreTemp) {
$DatastoreSource = Get-Datastore -Name $Datastore
$DatastoreTemp = Get-Datastore -Name $TemporaryDatastore
$Server = (Get-VIServer -Server "$vCenterServer")
Update-VmfsDatastore -Server $Server -Datastore $DatastoreSource -TemporaryDatastore $DatastoreTemp -Force

######### Awnsers
do {
$CSVFile = Read-Host "Did you make any CSV file ? [y/n] "
} while ((!$CSVFile) -or (($CSVFile -ne "y") -and ($CSVFile -ne "n")))

if ($CSVFile -eq "y") {
do {
$PathFile = Read-Host "File path "
$ValidPath = Test-Path -Path $PathFile -Include *.csv
} while ((!$PathFile) -or (!$ValidPath))
elseif ($CSVFile -eq "n") {
$filenameExport = "$Day."+"$Month."+"$Hour."+"$Minute."+"GetDatastoreCSV.csv"
Get-Datastore | select Name,FileSystemVersion,Type | where {$_.FileSystemVersion -le "6"} | Export-Csv $CurentPath"\"$filenameExport
$PathFile = "$CurentPath\$filenameExport"
Write-Host "File is stored : $PathFile"
Resume -Path $PathFile

do {
$VarConfirm = Read-Host "Do you agree with these informations ? [y/n]"
} while ((!$VarConfirm) -or (($VarConfirm -ne "y") -and ($VarConfirm -ne "n")))
if ($VarConfirm -eq "y") {
do {
$TempDatastore = Read-Host "Please enter Temporary Datastore Name (VMFS 5) "
} while (!$TempDatastore)
$CheckDatastore = Get-Datastore -Name $TempDatastore
if (!$CheckDatastore) {
Write-Host "Temporary Datastore ($TempDatastore) is not valid"
elseif ($CheckDatastore) {
$GetDatastoreName = $script:GetDatastoreName
upgradeVMFS -TemporaryDatastore $TempDatastore

elseif ($VarConfirm -eq "n") {